AACRAO and ACE Survey Students

A national survey administered to more than 2,000 currently enrolled U.S. college students asks about their plans to return to their home institution in the fall, in the midst of COVID-19.

ACE’S CREDIT Evaluation Program

The American Council on Education translates education from outside a classroom into college credit. The infographic below dives deep into how these credits can be of value to colleges and universities.

Rural Colleges and Universities

The American Council on Education dives into an overview of rural institutions and their students. One in six of the nation’s undergraduate students attend rural colleges or universities, yet these institutions are seldom studied.

Economic Impacts of Rivers, Lakes, and Streams in Arizona

As part of the National Audubon Society’s lobbying efforts, they wanted a one page graphic to present to Arizona senators to show why protecting  Arizona’s local rivers, lakes, and streams is important.  The below infographic is one of 15 unique graphics representing the economic impact of recreation on or near Arizona’s rivers, lakes, and streams. The infographics for each county were shared with senators from across the state.

You can view the entire suite of infographics, here.

Women in Higher Education

ACE’s campaign of Moving the Needle: Advancing Women in Higher Education Leadership needed a way to show off the newest data for their campaign. Below are just snapshots of the data, click each image to see the full graphics.

Free Speech and Campus Inclusion

In a series partnering with the Knight Foundation, ACE looks at freedom of speech on campus. Click the image to view the full interactive infographic.

American College President Study

In the only study of its kind, ACE surveys college presidents on a variety of issues.  To view the full interactive infographic, click the image below.

Boating in DC

Partnering with the National Park Service, Boating in DC commissioned a series of infographics displaying paddling safety, information about local flora and fauna, and how to be the best type of trashy paddler.